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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be your client if I’m not using plant medicine?

Absolutely! The power of these medicines flows through the way I walk though the world and the way I coach people. From a state of mind that calls the teachings of the plants, I work with clients from all walks of life dealing with many different barriers to their success and overall happiness. 


The approach you can expect is one that seeks to find the root of the symptom that is showing up in your personal or professional life and work towards building the bridge to understanding how to connect the lessons to the circumstances that show up in real time. 

Do you only work with people using plant medicine? 

I work with people who are considering using plant medicine, as well as people who haven’t even considered it yet. There is no one fits all model for healing and expanding ourselves and creating the life we desire - so my work is in support of working with people wherever they are. I just happen to have an immense amount of respect and gratitude for the power of plant medicines and am in service of those who are working with these elements. 

My coaching covers a very broad range but at its core, it's about the underlying patterns and mode of operation that are causing the symptoms we see that show up in our lives causing discomfort and frustration. Sometimes I am a coach, sometimes a consultant, sometimes a mindfulness guide, I wear many hats. 

What is your approach to integration coaching? 

The full cycle of working with plant medicine to me is being able to bring the lessons into everyday life, in each moment - finding the power of the medicine there to support you. 


Ceremony is one of the most life changing experiences of many peoples lives. I feel that it is incredibly important to setup the time before you embark on this journey with as much preparation as possible to support you in the work you are about to dive into. There are many questions that can be helpful to answer beforehand as well as beginning self-inquiry or continue with strong intention. 


The integration work is very important afterwards which is why I advise clients to work with me from 1-3 months prior to delving into the ceremony as well as 3-6 months afterwards to integrate the work.

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