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About Aimee

Every journey unfolds with distinct milestones, its unique challenges, and moments of deep transformation. My story is a reflection of many—a blend of passion, rediscovery, and adapting to life's ever-evolving dance. Perhaps my journey might echo some of your own adventures and musings. 


In my youth, my dream of pursuing a dance career took me to Los Angeles. However, two major car accidents changed that trajectory. As I sought a new path, I ventured north to the Bay Area, and found the Heartwood Institute where I studied massage therapy and holistic healing.​ But before these roots could deepen, an earth-shattering trauma redirected me home to the Northwest.


While healing physically and emotionally, another chapter unfolded as the corporate world opened its doors. Adapting to this environment, I camouflaged my tattoos, donned formal attire, and sought a new identity. But beneath the business attire, a restlessness persisted—a subtle whisper urging me to seek deeper. This inner calling eventually grew undeniable, prompting a sabbatical and reigniting my academic and spiritual pursuits.​


Heeding this call more than a decade ago, I began my lifelong personal healing journey. It was challenging, at times feeling like I could not continue. But the beauty, the brilliance that emerged on the other side, affirmed that every step was worth it. This path of discovery led me to Energy Medicine, Reiki, Sound Healing, and a profound relationship with Plant Medicine. Today, I am a steward of medicine land, a sacred space teeming with healing and wisdom. Protecting and nurturing this land feels like an integral part of my life's mission.​


Academically, my quest for knowledge propelled me through the enlightening corridors of Integrated Wellness Psychology and then Organizational Leadership. My professional toolkit was further enriched with an ICF accredited coaching certification from iPEC.​Blending my professional experience and my consciousness exploration, I held a significant role at the 40 Years of Zen Neurofeedback center, merging neuroscience and meditation to elevate the very essence of human potential. My community involvement extended to the North Star Project, advocating for businesses centered around psychedelic wisdom, and the Fireside Project, marking the inception of the world's first psychedelic peer support line.


Today, I stand with the Changing Work Collective, advocating for a seismic shift in the professional landscape. As we champion Conscious Business principles, we envision a workplace paradigm anchored in ethics, practicality, and profound consciousness—a dream where ethical and conscious business practices are not a mere alternative but the very essence of work.​


Every step in my journey has deepened my relationship with my intuition. This connection has become my guiding force, and it's my mission to support you in discovering and harnessing your own intuitive wisdom. Together, let's chart a path grounded in trust and insight.

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