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We Are One

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A shimmer of light reminds me of you.

A streak of clouds across the sky that feel like long fingertips touching my heart

and mind remind me that you are holding me in your hands.

The ripples in the water are like the waves of your presence as I breathe deeply in

your medicine and allow my body to slip away, dissolving in the essence of your

energy. You fill my being to the brim and pour over me in pure light, spilling down

my soul and back into the Earth, bringing forth life and love in the seeds of

potential that we plant together.

My eyes fill with tears in the presence of you. Unimaginable beauty that leaves my

mouth agape in awe and inspiration, frozen in a moment I hope will last forever as

I perceive and take in your magic.

Towers and tunnels of energy pouring in and out in all directions, flowing with

white light, iridescent radiance illuminating from all around, I am inside, I am

outside, I am allowing myself to become one with you, radiating your essence

from my heart as you pour your love back into me and I express your medicine

through all dimensions of space and time.

Breathing in deeply so I may exhale and slip deeper into our connection as you

take my hand and guide my heart, weaving your wisdom into the tapestry of my

understanding, flowing your teachings into my mind through the lens that only I

can see through, removing the obstacles that obscure my vision and showing me

the way back to you through myself.

I read my words and I see you.

I listen to sacred songs and I hear you.

I move my body and I feel you.

Our connection is so strong, I know that we are close to the point of intersection

where I forget that I am me and you are you, and I remember that we are One.

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